This is where i say something..

Nothing you ever said made an impact on this targets ears.

Sooo basically need to find somewhere to live in the next 3-4 months or I’ll be homeless. Soooo that’s cool.

That’s it

Fucking done

That awkward moment

When you see your first crush has become someone you wouldn’t even pass a glimpse at… Whoops!

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Take. Me. Back.

Take. Me. Back.

Last week I was called the devil. Today I was told I’m like an older version of Damien from the Omen. Guess I’ll get a Rottweiler.

Maybe if there was a heart to care

This makes me happy

I see so many gorgeous women that I’d love to start something with….

Buuuuutttt I’m currently going through a state of insanity/self destruction that I don’t think anyone could deal with.


A car the moment before it hits the water.

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A car the moment before it hits the water.

Devils never show themselves. Just slight glances that maybe what you’re dealing with is something completely different.

Sometimes it’s just the smallest thing that can bring a smile to your face when it’s late at night.

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The number one reason I’ll stop talking to a girl? They get a boyfriend.

"Ah yes, what a wonderful idea!"

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And then it gives you a real personalized one of a kind tattoo

Pfft, no sense of adventure!